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what do you guys think? I’ll post it on the booru later B)

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the state of the Zelda fandom: confused and fragile

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i’m so glad things happened.

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     loz      zelda u      the legend of zelda      tloz      the colors are ABSOLUTELY SMASHING.

Ok I hope Tumblr doesn’t ruin the quality but!!! here is a sky babe for all of my new followers. I’ll be back after aps/finals!!!! :3

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my follower count is still slowly going up even when I’m not able to be here ;w; I promise I’ll post more when ap testing/finals are all done with my friends

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i finally got windows on my mac so i can use sai!!!

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from this screenshot in ponyo 

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He thinks he’s hardcore as shit.

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please continue. 

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im just fucking around with photoshop settings that make no sense to me and drawing cute boys with long hair don’t mind me. 

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